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Tegan Larkins


Girls – if you value your friendship with a guy it’s simple..DO NOT FUCK THEM!

The old ‘marry your best friend’ motto does not mean literally go start a relationship with the guy you’ve been good friends with since age 4, because if its taken you 20 something years of friendship to realize that maybe today this guy is your soul are just desperate.


Tegan Larkins


If I get asked ‘netflix & chills (creepy winky face)?’ from one more match I will probably ask them to meet up with me & punch them in the face.


But seriously..where is the originality?

Well I have had a few ‘original’ conversation starters in the last two days since being active again on Tinder. I’ve been asked to go on a date skate boarding, if I would like to ‘come over & play xbox’, if I would like to join a husband & his wife, if I wanted to go fishing, what I was doing on here, how much a polar bear weighs & if I wanted to ride a fireman’s pole?

Safe to say I didn’t seal the deal of any of the above propositions.

I have decided I am bored of Tinder. You swipe left or right deciding if they are hot or not - then you chat - repeating yourself over & over - this is what I do for a job, this is where I am from, this is what I like, yeah I'm keen to meet up. You meet up & they don't look anything like their profile - you find them annoying & you know that if you hadn't have met them on tinder you probably wouldn't have given them a chance. So you swipe again. 

End of my story. 

Tinder is lame.

I'm going to stick to meeting guys in real life - I don't have enough time to repeat my life to desperadoes ten times a day, go on pointless dates with liars & lastly I really don't feel I need to heighten my chance of arthritis through swiping.